The Dream…No Longer Deferred

My novella, If It Isn’t Love, was written in my dorm room sophomore year of college. While I was on RA duty I would sit at my computer and write.  Remember back when you were a kid and you played the game with friends?.. when you each write a word until it builds a complete sentence?  Let’s just say I played that game with myself; each time I was on duty I’d add a chapter. It’s only purpose was to keep me from going insane while I was chained to my dorm from 7pm to 7am.

Fast forward about 7 years, when seeing someone else fall in love with their calling leaves me literally obsessed with finding my own.  I did some heavy thinking and realized that I have always enjoyed writing. And I love a good narrative!  So I thought back to my old college story saved on a floppy disk.  I figured maybe I should look into having it published.

Looking into it became starting a small publishing company so that I could retain the rights to my work (and hopefully publish other people).  In 2008 had it published and printed shortly thereafter.  I created a little buzz, I got great feedback, all was (fairly) well.  Two of the authors I consulted with suggested I make it a full length novel.  I moved at a turtle’s pace the next few years, putting the new additions to the novel on the back burner.  It always kind of felt like I just wasn’t ready, like I wasn’t sure of what else I could say.

But the day I quit my job I heard a whisper in my ear.  It told me it was time to finish the book.  I spent the next four weeks doing exactly that.  Tonight…maybe about an hour ago….



(insert swollen chest, upright posture, and proud face here)

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