“A place where even dreams believe” – Tyler Perry

Full disclosure:  I am not exactly a “fan” of Tyler Perry’s work.  *ducks flying shoes like George Bush at a press conference* I have seen enough of it to form an opinion (you can ask me what that opinion is off line) but I am not at all a Tylerian (yes I made that up).

When I saw an article entitled “Tyler Perry Spills Secrets to Success, Do You Agree” it made me sit up straight and pay attention immediately. I may not be fond of Madea but I cannot discredit that man’s success.  He has a captivated audience; people swear by the Tyler Perry brand.  His films and plays are consistently successful each time he has a release.  He is on his way to becoming a member of the billionaire club, I am willing to receive any advice he has!

His message confirmed everything I already knew.  Success is a combination of faith and persistence.  You do the work, God will do the rest.  And that little voice within?…the constant reminder to follow through with the things that make you happy?  Listen! It is literally calling you to do what you are intended to do… and be everything you are intended to be.

View the video here.

What are your thoughts on Tyler’s advice?

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