I have been self employed for three months. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned thus far in perfecting the art of self-guidance.  I haven’t quite gotten to perfection yet, but I’ve most certainly come further than I was in December.

Working alone requires a certain amount of discipline.  You have to understand that you “don’t feel like it” today, there’s no one else to carry the weight.  It’s just you.  The ability to motivate yourself is paramount – that one day can lead to two, which leads to three.  Emails remain unanswered, calls unreturned, appointments unscheduled, and before you know it you are completely under water.

For me, the trick is energy conversion.   Or, more specifically, transforming energy from one form into another.  While I may give myself a few (no more than three) hours to worry, panic, or be otherwise distracted once that time is up I have to convert that negative energy.

If it is sunny out, I may go for a walk around the neighborhood and absorb some of that Vitamin D. Being outdoors provides me with an opportunity to generate new ideas.  I have also found that my creative juices are in abundance when I am in the shower…so if I am unproductive for too long sometimes I’ll take a hot shower.  Fold laundry, try a new recipe, pray or meditate.

Whatever the distraction is if you let it fester for too long, no good can come of it.  Make use of that energy and reclaim it for your benefit.

Try it, it works!

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