Entrepreneurial Magazines

We have been receiving magazines like INC, Forbes, Working Mom etc for about a year now.  Neither of us are exactly sure how we got these subscriptions they just started showing up one day.  In my time at home – when I wasn’t swamped with glamorous tasks like book editing, conference calls, or email threads – I spent quite a bit of time reading INC magazine.  It is quickly becoming a favorite.

I guess here is a great place to say that INC has not paid me for this endorsement.  And while I am still uncertain as to why I am receiving their magazine, I am certainly not being compensated for my opinion.

It is an ideal publication for budding business owners, people who seek to grow their companies, and even folks who just want to dissect businesses.  I have learned quite a few things from both hard copy and the online mag.  It is a great place to start if you are looking for resources!  One particular article details funding sources for minority businesses.

For those of you who have start-up companies, or business ideas magazines like INC are an excellent first step.

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