The Buzz

For Christmas I bought my two closest friends the same book that I’d been eyeing for quite some time, The Buzz by Thelma Wells. When I purchased the books I only knew that we all needed a little motivation.  Each of our lives were changing (or needed changing) in some way and I thought…maybe the solution would be in those pages.

It is not uncommon for my to buy someone a book. It has become my signature gift, in fact.  But this particular choice carried a blessing that none of us could know before opening its pages.  Somehow “7 scriptures to re-energize your life” doesn’t quite capture the change that took place.

Every other Friday, since December, the three of us have had a conference call where we discuss an assigned chapter reading.  Through these talks I have seen a side of each of my friends that I have never seen. A vulnerability that isn’t present when we are just laughing and joking. Mama T (Thelma Wells) gave us that permission.  We are able to share our struggles, encourage each other, and just be a support.

Each conversation, managed to be more enlightening than the last.  Between tears, and the occasional sob, each voice was barely able to articulate the kind of wisdom they’ve gained from those few pages.  And today.  Today we are nearly done – one chapter remains and ironically, it is the summary.

Last week was the Women’s Conference at the church I have been attending for the past six years.  Guess who was one of the guest speakers? None other than Mama T!

It was truly amazing to see her standing in the place where I worship.  It was akin to watching the book come to life.  I sat in awe as she blessed a hundred more women that day.  After her sermon I waited patiently in line to speak with her. It was important for me to share my change in perspective; a change she orchestrated through those pages.

Now when I open the book, the first thing I see is “Vanessa, bee hopeful” in her script. In time, that will be all I need to read when I pick it up.  The scriptures will be memorized, the calls a memory.  But her words, ever fresh in our hearts.  Full circle moment!

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