“Where are all the black people?”

Just about every African-American from the Boston area has been asked this at least once. Initially it’s off putting, I’m right here, you think to yourself. You have a minority circle of friends-people you’ve played hid and seek with, people you’ve gone to summer camp with, high school prom, and maybe even college. But on the outside looking in, Boston isn’t very diverse. Particularly when it is being compared to DC, Atl, Philly, Ft Lauderdale, Charlotte. Your next thought? That’s a hard question to answer! You feel compelled to show, rather than tell-“Let me take you to x, y, or z. You’ll see, we’re here…just not the majority.”

I, too, feel compelled to show. But since I haven’t met you all, since we haven’t crossed paths, I will instead provide something to point you in the right direction. I have compiled a list of all the resources I could muster. Minority Boston. Black Boston. Everything from Boston’s Black History to the Arts and Nightlife. See Below!


Young Black Women’s Society  www.ybws.org
Urban League of Eastern MA  www.ulem.org

Concerned Black Men www.cbmm.net/programs.html

Men of Color Organized For Youth  http://blackbiz.meetup.com/302/

Young Professionals Network  http://www.ypnboston.org/

Groups to join on Facebook;
Upper Echelon
Rhoaming Entertainment
Urban Kinetiks
Swat Team Movement
Boston Socialite Society

Websites for Event Listings


http://www.idontdoclubs.com (where my cousin (the socialite) is the Boston contributor)


Black Book festival http://www.bostonbookfest.org
Museum of African American History http://www.afroammuseum.org/

From your cell blackBoston.mobi black community infowee

If you, too, have been asked this question please feel free to share this post.  Did I miss anything? Did you learn about a resource you hadn’t heard of before today? Have you tried anything that you’d like to share?

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