What’s Your Story?

As I was cleaning off my desk, in search of the paperwork I need to get my workday started, I stumbled across my old poetry notebook. It’s been sitting there a while, waiting for me to find time to sift through it for a piece to include in my upcoming newsletter. I took a few minutes to travel down memory lane and one particular piece caught my eye.

At the tender age of 22, I wrote my eulogy. A short prose piece about the value in everyone’s “story”. Even then, I wanted my impact to be purposeful. I wanted those who sat under the voice of its reader, those who’d come to mourn me, to leave with something greater than a sad heart and a tear-filled goodbye. A wise pony I was.

Based on the date at the top of the page, the piece is about five months shy of being ten years old. A great deal has happened in that decade. There is so much more to my story today. There is certainly a lot more I’d like to say in my farewell piece of writing.

Today as I am working on the business plan for Dorchester’s Daughter Publishing, I will think of that eulogy. I still believe that everyone has a story. Through my company, I can give many of those stories a voice and an audience.

Maybe once I’ve exhausted a few hours on my business plan, I’ll go back to the eulogy and pick up where it left off…

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