On Keasha Settles and Finding Purpose

Mark Twain is credited with saying The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you realize WHY you were born.”  I believe there is an internal restlessness that comes with waiting for that second day.  Often, the restlessness we feel because we are uncertain of our path is easier to identify that your actual purpose.  In fact, I imagine it is a lot like a parent waiting for the birth of a child; but I am not a mother so I don’t know that for certain.  What I do know is that the day is the first domino to fall in a serious of steps toward your destiny.

When it comes to our own lives, many of us are driven by the desire to succeed.  Whether the success we aspire to is in our personal relationships or in professional lives – what need to do in order to “get there” is always in our mind’s eye.  In a recent video entitled “How to be Successful” Tyler Perry said “When something is for you there is a feeling that is deep down inside of you that will not allow you to let it go”.  Tyler released the video in response fans who have asked how he has accomplished his achievements.  

There are undoubtedly times, in each of our lives, when your truth isn’t a clear picture.  In those times, it is fairly common for people to admire the successes of others and hope that they can apply that wisdom to their own journey.  Keasha Settles did as well; she grew up adoring the kind of romance her parents shared and desperately wanted it for her.  Several times within the story, she was so focused on the fairy tale ending that she lost her footing; it is easy to lose your balance when you are walking in someone else’s footsteps. 

But by the end, she managed to follow that voice within and began to walk in her own truth.  She hadn’t gotten there with the person she thought she would have, or on the path her parents had followed; but that “feeling that is deep down inside” wouldn’t allow her to let that prospect of true love go.  For her, the key to finding her way in love was learning not to ignore that internal voice.  In realizing her truth, she changed the scope of the rest of her life.

There is a certain amount of poise in ordered steps; you must hold your head high and look straight ahead because if you look down you will stumble. When you finally begin walking in your truth it is a lesson in faith.  If you do not truly believe that you will succeed then you won’t. If you do not believe that something greater than you has brought you this far, you will go no further.  And if you start your walk in someone else’s shoes, your feet will soon tire – it’s uncomfortable.

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