Here’s Why “They” Can Keep Their Advice

As an emerging entrepreneur you will find that you are in constant search for new information. The pursuit of that knowledge can be confusing, if not carefully vetted.  I have learned a great deal since I began chasing my entrepreneurial dreams – both about the world of business and about myself.  The decisions I made have continued to inform my future in business, because the lessons I learned from them go further than any piece of advice I’ve gotten. Despite the hard times and occasional misstep, I wouldn’t alter the course or change any of the experiences I have had.

When I am asked about my ordeals, my advice to budding entrepreneurs is simply not to take the advice of others. That’s right. Forge your own path. As a potential business owner you need to learn not to worry about what other people will think, early on. The people who will try to advise you along the way, may believe they have your business’s success in mind. The truth is, advice is often a determination of what is the best from that person’s perspective. It is the choice that they themselves would make, given their anxiety level and risk tolerance.

If you want to be a successfully entrepreneur, you need to define your goal and what you would like to learn from launching a business, implement it, and then analyze and iterate accordingly. If you continue this cycle of creating things and then analyzing them, you will understand that building your products is something you can get better at, and your products will constantly improve. Keep changing, experimenting and analyzing the results.  Always be in a state of mind of learning and improving not only your product but also yourself and your team.

The best opportunities for personal growth happen when we make our own decisions and our own mistakes. The people who want to do business will do so because they see the value of your services. Your business will begin to thrive when your customer base can trust the quality of your product, the way you present yourself professionally. Neither of these things can be perfected by taking the advice of someone who is not at your side, experiencing the same things you are.

Others have lived a different life from your own path. They are far more qualified to give advice to their former selves, because they have learned from their own mistakes. Being informed by past mistakes is most adept at helping you avoid future ones. In taking advice from others you rob yourself of what could be a critical learning experience. And in the end, you’re the only person responsible for your life.

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