_MG_9034  Vanessa Lewis was born a writer – excelling in creative arts in her early childhood.  As an adolescent Lewis wrote songs, poetry, and many short stories.  She was often praised for her writing talent in school; a talent that has been the outlet for her love of words for as long as she can remember.

Lewis holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Pine Manor College and an unofficial degree in 90s rap lyrics – having spent much of her teen years recording songs on cassette tapes and transcribing the lyrics. She can also still recite them word for word if needed.

After making the leap from a career in Human Resources, Lewis now manages a full-time writing and consulting career.  As a freelance writer, Lewis’ work has been featured in Rhema Magazine, Influence Boston Magazine, and the Boston Neighborhood News Inc. periodicals The Dorchester Reporter, The Mattapan Reporter, and the Haitian Reporter.  In addition to her own writing projects, Lewis has been providing writing, coaching and editing services to aspiring writers for over six years.

As someone who is passionate about the power of the personal narrative, Lewis is committed to helping others tell their story.  She has led writing workshops and consults one on one with clients seeking help with their own writing projects.

Lewis is available for freelance writing assignments as well as panel discussions and workshop facilitation.  Email her at byvanessalewis [at] gmail [dot] com.

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